You Won’t Believe How Much These Creepy Careers Pay

You Won’t Believe How Much These Creepy Careers Pay

If you’re looking for a new career, you may want to consider something a little creepy.

Being a gravedigger could dig you out of a financial hole, or you could land a six-figure income becoming a forensic pathologist. While these jobs may not be for everyone, those who are up for an alternative career may find just what they’ve been looking for.

No Experience Necessary

Some of the most shuddersome jobs do not require any formal education or specialized training at all. If clowns don’t creep you out and you love to make other people smile–or run–you could earn a little over $30,000 per year. If you are a little more on the techy side, a career as a phlebotomist will get you up to around $34,000 per year.

For those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty and aren’t afraid of ghosts, you can make over $35,000 a year as a gravedigger or medical waste worker. Gravediggers average around $35,880, but if you consider this career you should be physically fit to meet the strenuous demands.

Medical waste workers, although not required to have a formal education, will still need to complete at least 40 hours of training, which will get you a bump up to a whopping $38, 399 per year on average. This isn’t a job for those who get weak in the knees at the sight of blood as it requires you to handle and dispose of bodily fluids.

Other Creepy Careers That Pay Well

Being around dead people isn’t for everyone, but it’s a creepy job that must be done. Training and education are often required, but cremators make an average of almost $45,000 per year.

Cemetery workers, who are required to perform general tasks such as lowing caskets or landscaping and gardening services, can earn as much as $51,544 per year. This job may require various certifications to operate machinery and a green thumb, but it can be a great choice for those that want a variety of (terrifying) tasks on the job.

Degree or Specialized Training Required

Most embalming positions require a minimum of a two-year accredited mortuary science degree. The job also requires you to get up close and personal with dead people, of course. You can earn an average salary of almost $56,500 if you don’t mind working with corpses all day.

For a fascinating, but often gruesome job, a Crime Scene Investigator can get you around $57,000 if you have a bachelor’s degree.

Here are a few related careers that come with an impressive paycheck, if you can get the required credentials.

  • Mortician – Average annual gross income is $60,512 (associate’s degree or higher may be required)
  • Funeral Director – Average annual gross income is $64,231 (associate’s degree and possible licensing)
  • Coroner – Average annual gross income is $77,172 (medical training, certification, on-the-job training may be required)
  • Forensic Pathologist – Average annual gross income is $150,888 (Doctor of Medicine degree required)