Will a Hiring Manager Really Text You for an Initial Interview?

Will a Hiring Manager Really Text You for an Initial Interview?

It’s 2019, folks. That means that the internet is the best way to find a job, and recruiters and hiring managers are getting more creative in how they find and contact potential new hires.

Your first knee-jerk reaction to a text from a hiring manager might be, Is this a joke? Which perhaps will be followed closely by, If they were really serious about me, they would call or email.

But recruiters spend literally their whole day reaching out to applicants to fill a variety of positions. Hiring managers at big firms are overwhelmed by applications, qualifications, and it can be very time consuming to call each and every potential hire.

Instead, many are turning to text! Almost everyone under the age of 60 texts anymore (And many over!), and there are dozens of free or paid programs that let you use your PC to text phone numbers. This can help streamline a process that normally takes a lot longer.

Why Texts Actually Benefit You

Texts are actually an amazing chance at making a first impression with a potential hiring manager or recruiter. Why? Because think about it – you won’t be taken by surprise when they call you and you’re at a bar, in line for coffee, or at lunch with friends. The pressure to immediately respond, and have it all together, is gone.

You also can phrase things exactly how you want them. There is no stuttering, being caught off guard by a question, or forgetting dates or places. You have the time to make sure everything is exactly right.

How to Respond to Texts?

A text comes through, “Hi there! This is hiring manager x from company b. We got your application and we would love to talk more to you. Can you tell us why you think you are a good fit for our open position?” How do you respond?

First of all, there is no rush. While you want to respond within a reasonable time, don’t shoot off a quick response without thinking it through and giving the question the time it deserves. Go over the job description again to refresh your memory, and come up with 2-5 points of why it fits you well. Maybe this includes your love or respect for the company or your passion for the field.

Be prepared for the follow-up! Get your resume out for dates and specific job titles, and pull up their company site, information on the hiring manager if you have it, and the job description and role.

Finally, don’t be sloppy! It’s easy to fall into text speak or be overly-casual with the conversation just because you are over text, not in person. But that is the fastest way for a recruiter to drop you! Make sure everything is spelled properly, appropriately capitalized, and you don’t have any dumb autocorrects or abbreviations. Emoji’s are great for texting friends or family when you get the job, but don’t send them to your potential employer!