Why You Should Enlist the Help of a Recruiter

Why You Should Enlist the Help of a Recruiter

If you’re hoping to find that next job, but the idea of finding that job seems daunting and difficult, you might want to consider working with a recruiter. Depending on your career path, a recruiter might be able to provide plenty of benefits and make your job search easier.

Before hiring a recruiter, it’s important to remember that a recruiter’s job isn’t actually finding jobs for people, but to find people for jobs. They have usually been hired by businesses that are looking for employees to fill their open positions. Regardless, adding yourself to a recruiter’s candidate pool can be incredibly beneficial.

They Know Who’s Hiring

Filling positions is literally their job, so they know who’s hiring. It’s important to remember that jobs can get posted across plenty of different platforms, from job boards, to company websites, to LinkedIn. A recruiter knows exactly where to look. Even still, sometimes there are jobs that never get posted online, and some companies actually rely strictly on third-party hiring agencies to find qualified candidates for them.

You’ll Benefit From Their Network

Networking is extremely important when trying to find job openings. You’re (hopefully!) already utilizing your own network of family, friends, acquaintances, former coworkers, and anyone else you know. You can always benefit from extending your reach, though, and a recruiter can provide that.

Recruiters spend a ton of time networking. If you decide to work with a recruiter, you will have their network to also take advantage of on top of your own. Having someone else reach out to their network on behalf of you will never be a bad thing!

They Can Help With the Process

Recruiters can do more than just help you find an open position. They can also help you prepare for the process, by helping you refine your resume, provide guidance and tips to help with job interviews, answering any questions you have along the way, or even suggesting ways to make you a more desirable candidate. Perhaps the best way that a recruiter can help is that after an interview, they are able to give you feedback on how the interview went and what the hiring manager thought of you.

Recruiters Can Save You Time

If a recruiter doesn’t help you with anything else, they will at least save you time. This is especially important for job seekers who are still employed at another job, or people who have an otherwise very full schedule of hobbies, volunteering, or kids. With all of those other obligations, who has extra time to constantly search job boards, reach out to companies, and send out resumes? Working with a recruiter means that you have another person to split that extra work with.