Why You Should Be Passionate About That ‘Just For Now’ Job

Why You Should Be Passionate About That ‘Just For Now’ Job

Are you in a job that you would consider a ‘just-for-now’ job? You know, you won’t retire in this position, and it isn’t your end goal, but it’s fine ‘for now’ in your life? It’s easy to fall into a routine of going in and doing the minimum because you know that this isn’t where you’re going to be in five, ten, or fifteen years.

But that’s an awful mindset to have! Every job you take is teaching you something and is a stepping block to something bigger and better. Even if you’re unhappy in your for-now job or you’re actively searching for something else, you should still find passion and drive in the job you’re at.

It’s All About Who You Know

The people that you are working with now could play a vital role in your career trajectory, even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

If you don’t show passion and ambition in your current role, those around you will remember that. When you go to apply for something years down the line, it’s possible you will run into someone you used to work with at that same company. If the only thing that can say or remember about you is that you showed up on time or won the office’s chili cookout (The secret is dark chocolate), you might be passed up for an opportunity that could have furthered your career.

Even if you don’t end up in the same field, word gets around and others also share information and knowledge. Who you impress today could be very important tomorrow for your career!

Sense of Purpose, Drive

If you don’t give your all and try hard, you’re going to stop taking yourself seriously. The work you do is important to the company, even if you feel like it isn’t. Showing up on time, dressed well, and taking your job seriously will put you in the right mindset.

Once you stop taking your job seriously, after all, you’re going to stop taking yourself seriously. You might find yourself with less ambition and drive overall, and you’ll stagnate at the for-now job that could accidentally turn into a forever job.

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Find passion in your work and value yourself, and your job. That drive will bleed over into other parts of your life.

You’ll Be Happier

A study found that those who find passion and fulfillment in their work are happier overall in their lives, even outside of their professional careers. And that makes sense – if you’re having a bad day at work, you probably aren’t going to be having a good day when you get home.

Finding that passion in your job and feeding it will lead you to a happier overall life, with more fulfillment outside of the office. It can be hard to muster up the feelings but hold onto them once you’ve found them.

You’ll feel better inside and outside of the workplace, and you may even find your career prospects improving!