Why You Should Send Thank-You Notes After Every Interview

Why You Should Send Thank-You Notes After Every Interview

Should you still be sending thank-you notes after having a job interview? Although hand-written letters aren’t as common as they used to be, the answer is still yes. Find out why a thank-you note is still essential.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The most important reason to send a thank-you note is simple: Not everyone does it. By politely thanking your interviewer for their time, you stand out from the rest of the interviewees.

A thank-you note will help you be remembered. A hiring manager may look over dozens of resumes and interview a large number of people. A polite note, especially one that references specific things you talked about, can help your interviewer remember who you are. You also show that you were paying attention to details.

In a sea of names and faces, standing out from the crowd and helping them remember you can work in your favor.

Cover Anything You Missed

One great thing about a thank-you note is that it gives you a chance to talk about anything you missed or about any concerns that you don’t think you gave a satisfying answer to.

For example, if you didn’t get a chance to talk about relevant job experience or about how you’d be a good fit in the company’s culture, you can address those things in the note.

Add More Information

A thank-you note can also be a good opportunity to add additional information that you didn’t have time to go over. For example, you could add links to your LinkedIn profile or an online portfolio. You could also include example work and explain how it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Explain Why You’re a Good Fit

Finally, a thank-you note acts as a final sales pitch for yourself. You can include some information on why you think you’d be a good fit and what you can bring to the position. By doing so, you give a stronger impression of what you have to offer the company and communicate your confidence and interest in the position.

By sending a thank-you note, you show that you are interested in the job and value the time the interviewer spent with you. Make sure to send one after every interview.