When Your Current Job Isn’t Your Dream Job

When Your Current Job Isn’t Your Dream Job

All of us are striving to find that dream job, but sometimes we find ourselves working in a position that isn’t quite what we imagined.

While the best career is the one that has you using the skills you enjoy, it’s important to remember that not every job needs to address all of your passions.

Avoid Getting Fixated on “Perfect”

Most people grow up being told that they can achieve anything. As kids, we all dreamed of being movie stars, athletes, or astronauts. As we grow into adults, most of us start to outgrow our fantasies. We realize that we aren’t likely to be the next Serena Williams or Leonardo DiCaprio, and that’s okay!

But we do tend to still hang on to lofty ideas of finding dream jobs. And while there is nothing wrong with aspiring to do what you love and finding your job fulfilling, it is important not to get fixated on an idealized view of what a perfect job looks like. You can end up feeling stuck, lost, and majorly discouraged when your expectations don’t match reality.

It’s Okay to Pay the Bills

It’s always okay to accept a job that’s less than ideal. Never feel downhearted about having a “right now” job that pays the bills. You should just make the most of the situation.

If your current job is not your dream job, it doesn’t need to be the end of your journey. Think of it as a stepping stone on the path toward your long-term goals. When you’re trying to find your place in the workforce, sometimes you have to accept that you need to pay your bills while you continue searching for that dream job.

That “Right Now” Job Could be a Learning Experience

Take a step back and analyze where you’re at. Even if your current position isn’t related to your “ideal” dream job, there could be learning opportunities that can help you later. For instance, you might have always dreamed of getting into real estate, but you’ve recently picked up a retail job.

The customer service skills that you learn in retail can easily translate into a future career in real estate, so it’s still a stepping stone on your journey to that dream job.

It’s also worth mentioning that everything can be a networking opportunity. Every person you meet on your journey is a potential opening to a new opportunity. Take the time to build relationships with those around you. Show up looking professional, even if you don’t see a future at your “right now” job.

You never know how those contacts might come into play later when you snag that dream job.

To be clear, I do believe that you should enjoy your work. There’s something magical about finding a job that you look forward to. You definitely should never stay in a job that makes you miserable! But maybe it’s okay to work a job that you “like” while you look for that job that you “love,” and don’t get so hung up on it!

You’ve still got time to find what success means to you.