What Personality Traits Do Employers Seek Out in New Hires?

What Personality Traits Do Employers Seek Out in New Hires?

Your personality matters on a job interview. You could have the best resume in the world, and be perfectly qualified for the position, but if you come off as an arrogant, entitled jerk in the first interview, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get a callback.

When you go on an interview, they aren’t just evaluating your skills, but how well you’ll fit within the company culture. If you have a similar outlook and mentality as the team you’ll be working with, you will cause less trouble for higher-ups, and find yourself happier – which ultimately means they will retain you for longer.

These personality traits are the most important ones that employers are looking for in a job interview. If you can show them that you have these qualities, you may just find yourself with a job offer that you thought was way out of your league.


The line between confidence and arrogance is very thin and often varies between people. But employers are really looking for a potential employee who is confident and able to tackle tasks without someone holding their hand or having to explain each and every detail.

Acting confident is all about the way you carry yourself and speak about your actions. Stand or sit straight, with your shoulders back. Make eye contact with the person you are talking to, acknowledging that you are listening and engaged. Be honest but not bragging about your accomplishments in your career – lay out the facts and details, but leave them to put together what it means.

Confidence is also about how you dress, so make sure your clothes are well-fitting and appropriate for the interview. Even if the company culture is sandals and shorts, you should look good to make a first impression count!


Being authentic is so important in a job interview! If your potential employer thinks that you are dishonest or something feels ‘off’ about your interview, it’s completely possible that they will pass on you without a second thought.

Authenticity is about being honest, and being yourself. While you should always strive to be on your ‘best behavior’ to make a good first impression, don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of yourself into the interview, too. Make a (work appropriate!) joke, laugh at someone else’s joke, or share information (Again, when appropriate) about your personal life to let the person interviewing you know more about who you are, not just as an employee but as a human.


Employers don’t want someone they have to constantly supervise and watch. It makes sense – it costs them more money and time. They’re looking for a candidate that they can confidently hand off projects or reports to, and know that they will get done.

Showing that you are self-disciplined is hard, but it’s important to emphasize previous solo or group accomplishments, any independent work you’ve done, and if you’re new to the workforce, you can even throw in college examples of how you put your head down and ground out a paper or project to prove you know how to focus.