What Is a Minternship–And Is It Right for You?

What Is a Minternship–And Is It Right for You?

If you are experiencing mid-career doubts on whether or not you chose the right profession, a “minternship” may be just for you. Many people settle into a career and begin feeling unsatisfied. A mid-career internship could help you find the right fit along with a new job

Try Before You Buy

Before you quit your job to run off to explore a new career field that you hope is more fulfilling or a better fit, you may want to try it out. That’s exactly what a minternship is all about. Taking the time to learn something new–and escape the idea that you are stuck with what you started–can allow you to try it before you do it.

Minternships give you the opportunity expand your horizons and potentially find a career path that is more rewarding than what you are currently doing. Many companies are open to the idea, especially for existing employees.

Allowing for work-based learning opportunities within the company gives their employees hands-on experience in a different area. These employees also knowledge from their positions or departments within the company to other areas. It’s a win-win for everyone–not to mention it’s great for employee retention.

No Guarantees

Like an internship, a minternship comes with no guarantees for permanent job placement, nor does it require a long-term commitment by you. If you’re not willing to start over with younger, less experienced people, it may not be right for you. If you are, you could end up finding a position you love instead of going with the grind for years to come.

Even if you end up taking a pay cut to find a position you truly love, a minternship will be cheaper than going back to college while still allowing you to learn new skills along the way. If the position you want pays a higher salary, be willing to work for less while you learn.

How to Find a Minternship

The best place to start is with your current employer. Talk to them about other opportunities within the company that align with what you think you want to do. Let them know you want to try it out and are eager to learn the job skills required for another position within the company.

If there are no opportunities within your current company, talk to businesses that are hiring for positions you want to try. Frame your interest as an internship if you don’t meet the requirements of the job–or if you are overqualified.

Being over-qualified can keep you from landing an interview in the first place, so be upfront about the fact you are looking for a career change that is more fulfilling. You may just land in the perfect spot.