Want to Become a House Sitter? Here Are the Things You Should Know

Want to Become a House Sitter? Here Are the Things You Should Know

The thought of becoming a house sitter seems truly charming. In fact, the way some describe it seems downright too good to be true. Can you really stay in a gorgeous house somewhere, do very little actual work, and get paid a decent living?

It’s unlikely, but house sitting does still have its pros, even if you can’t find a high-paying caretaking job.

Typical House Sitter Gigs

The vast majority of opportunities for house sitters are unpaid, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re a traveler, it can mean free accommodations. If you live in a major city, it could also provide an opportunity to live rent free for a while. Either way, it’s usually a straight swap – you get a place to stay, the homeowner gets a house sitter.

You will likely be tasked with taking care of pets and keeping the home neat and tidy. You may also have to check in frequently with the owners to give updates.

If you can do your day job remotely, house sitting can save you money and enrich your life. It’s also quite beneficial if you’re wanting to start a side hustle as a travel blogger.

Paid House Sitting Jobs

Occasionally, there are paid house sitter jobs, especially in situations where there are lots of pets involved. Other times the job might pay include staying in an undesirable location or for a short-term sit.

There are professional house sitters out there that do get paid for their services. However, these folks typically do more than just staying in the home. They tend to either offer heightened security, cleaning, or specialized pet care services. In home pet sitting is typically more lucrative than simply housesitting.

Working as a Caretaker

Unlike simple house sitter gigs, caretaker jobs tend to offer salaries or stipends. Of course, caretaker jobs often require quite a bit more work. Opportunities may include tending to livestock, running errands, housekeeping, cooking, and/or doing home maintenance among other things.  We’ll explain further how being able to offer home services can be a huge plus.

Finding House Sitter Gigs & Caretaker Jobs

It can cost you a small fee to find opportunities, both paid and unpaid. There are a number of popular websites designed to match homeowners to house sitters, though many require membership fees.

Alternatively, you can try taking out advertisements online or in a local newspaper.

Keep in mind, there are certain qualifications and traits needed to become a successful house sitter or caretaker. You must be dependable, honest, responsible, and easily able to adapt to varying situations. Additionally, you may need additional skills depending on what the opportunity entails.

There’s a lot of competition out there, so the more qualifications and references you have, the better.

Other Home Services

When preparing for a House Sitter gig, think of other options that you can provide that can help you stand out from others seeking the same type of job.  Are you great at doing handy work, or any other home services?  Home services can include minor repair work, or helping to make the home look nicer.

If a possible employer knows that you can also provide home services on top of other daily work, it can absolutely give them an incentive to hire you over someone else.