Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 to Move to the State and Work from Home

Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 to Move to the State and Work from Home

The state of Vermont needs more workers and as an incentive, it’s offering US citizens up to $10,000 to relocate there and work from home, as it seeks to expand the state’s workforce by adding younger remote workers.

There’s hardly anything as beautiful in the United States as the lush landscapes and gorgeous foliage of Vermont in the fall with its variety of autumn hues.

Vermont is hoping to attract younger workers who have the ability to work-from-home who will appreciate it’s beautiful scenery and it’s willing to shell out some big bucks to entice people to make the move.

Why is Vermont willing to pay workers to relocate?
The answer to why Vermont is willing to shell out $10,000 to attract workers to relocate there is very simple: It needs tax dollars.

The population of the state of Vermont is quite small. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were only 600,655 people residing in the state as of July 2017.

Not only that, but an additional problem is that the current population is aging twice as fast as the nation as a whole and is one of the “oldest” states population -wise. The state is desperate to attract younger workers as older, retiring workers are shrinking the state’s tax base.

A shortage of residents, especially workers, means that there are fewer people paying state income taxes, which leaves Vermont strapped for cash.

As a result, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a law allowing the state to pay people a $10,000 grant to relocate and work there. The program goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

“We [Vermont] have about 16,000 fewer workers than we did in 2009,” Governor Scott said in a statement. “That’s why expanding our workforce is one of the top priorities of my administration.”

How to qualify
There are only two stipulations:

You must be employed full-time by an out-of-state employer.
You need to work remotely from your new home in Vermont and commit to becoming a Vermont resident.
The grant money can be used for the cost of relocation, computer hardware and software, broadband Internet costs and access to a co-working space.

Grant availability is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and recipients will receive the $10,000 over a two-year period. Therefore, those interested need to take action as quickly as possible.

So far, Vermont has allocated enough funds to support 100 grants for the first three years of the program. Thereafter, it will offer grants to 20 additional workers each year.