Tips for Standing Out During an Interview

Tips for Standing Out During an Interview

It’s one thing to go to a job interview and just turn in a solid performance. You know all the right things to say, you look nondescript and vaguely professional, and you’re generally unoffensive. Some people would say that this is the ideal form of a job interview.

Those people are wrong! Someone who turns in that kind of interview will never stand out compared to their peers. When you give an interview, you want your potential employer to really remember you. What’s the point of just being average when you could be extraordinary?

Dress the Part

When you arrive for your interview, don’t just look plain. Wear the nicest professional outfit you have. Make sure it’s ironed, free of pet hair, and sharp. You want to look like a million bucks and make a serious impression. If you wear ties, wear one that is striking and memorable. If you wear dresses, the same advice applies.

No one ever made an impression with tans and browns. Wear something stylish and slick and they’ll be sure to remember you. When comparing you to a similar candidate, they’ll be more likely to go with the one that made a serious impression.

Answer Honestly: Use Your Own Voice

When you’re answering the interview questions, answer them honestly. This doesn’t mean you should come across as shrinking or hesitant to make a splash, though. When they ask about your strengths, tell them the truth. Speak in your own voice and own what you’re good at. When they ask about your weaknesses, tell the truth here, too.

Interviewers appreciate a potential employer who is honest and frank. When they ask if you have questions for them, ask serious questions. Do a bit of research before the interview and ask about the business. The best thing you can do during the questions themselves is to be yourself and seem like you’re really engaged.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Don’t just come in with a plain resume that doesn’t grab attention. Get some help writing a resume that really sells you for your skills. It’s okay to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying to, as well. Emphasize your experience that could help you at the job you’re applying for!

Unless you’re a professional designer, you should also get help with the appearance of your resume. It’s important that it looks distinct! When comparing candidates, potential employers will almost always go with the candidate that is more memorable and confident.