These Job Hunting Tips are Officially Cancelled

These Job Hunting Tips are Officially Cancelled

Sure, there are some guidelines for finding a job and getting hired that definitely stand the test of time. You should have a nice résumé and dress appropriately for interviews. And it’s also important to always be courteous and conscientious.

However, some things have simply become outdated and obsolete – like these old-school job hunting tips.

Here are four pieces of advice that really just don’t apply anymore, so you shouldn’t bother following them.

1. The most qualified candidate will get the job.

Maybe some of us wish this was true, but these days it often isn’t. To land a good position you need interpersonal skills and a strong personality in addition to your qualifications. This means you really need to nail that interview.

Try not to rely on your education and résumé alone, and be sure to brush up on some interviewing tips.

2. Changing jobs frequently makes you look bad.

While this may have been true in the past, it isn’t so much anymore. Sure, loyalty matters, but you don’t have to have a lengthy tenure at every one of your past jobs.

Most employers want to see that you’re adaptable, an adept learner, and that you possess varied skills. Diversity in your past jobs helps to show that you’re able to confidently face various changes in your life. So, don’t be afraid to change jobs here and there. You may even miss out on some great experiences and fresh opportunities if you don’t.

3. You should apply everywhere.

Playing the numbers game isn’t exactly the most viable strategy nowadays. Sure, it sounds smart on paper – you increase your odds of getting hired by getting your resume in front of more people.

However, most recruiters can tell if you’ve thoughtfully tailored an application to a specific job opportunity or not. A generic application sent to multiple companies is simply less likely to make a good impression.

4. Don’t apply if you don’t meet all the qualifications.

Rarely is anyone going to meet every last qualification listed on most modern job postings. Often, managers and team leaders will create a laundry list of qualifications possessed by everyone on his or her team. Sure, the whole group combined may possess all of these skills, rarely does a single individual.

If you feel confident about the job and that you possess most of the qualifications, go ahead and apply. Be honest about what you know, highlight the skills you have and explain what you can bring to the table.

Education requirements are also often less important than they may appear. If you have relevant work experience, that may be enough to land you the job.