These Five Jobs Could be Eliminated by 2030–Here’s Why

These Five Jobs Could be Eliminated by 2030–Here’s Why

If you are looking for a new career, you may want to avoid these five jobs. Experts believe that these jobs will be all but dead by the year 2030.

Why? With the fast-growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) around the globe, work once done by humans will be taken over by machines and automated software.


Bookkeeping clerical tasks are already being diminished with emerging technology. Software such as Easy Bookkeeping by Microsoft allows small businesses to record day-to-day transactions as they happen, eliminating clerical work for smaller companies.

Location-Based Jobs

We’ve all seen the cashiers being taken over by self-checkout stations, but the rise of delivery services are also putting these jobs in decline. There are no checkout counters at Amazon Go or when you order food from online retailers for delivery.

Pretty much every type of store will soon have decreased demand as consumers switch to online ordering and delivery.

Market Research Analysts

Experts believe there is a 61% probability that marketing specialists and market research analysts will be replaced by AI. Some professionals, provided they adjust their roles to work with AI will remain employable, but others are already changing out of the career field.

Software Developers

Mass layoffs in the IT sector have already begun. Tech giants are laying off mid- and senior-level employees for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is the emergence of AI automation, which helps these organizations work at a lower cost.

Retail Workers

Whether you stock shelves, clean floors, pick orders, or check inventory, your job could be done by high-tech machinery and automation. Although retail giants haven’t declared these jobs at risk, the adaptation of new technologies is expected to lower the need for physical workers.

Robots like Auto-C, Auto-S, Fast Unloader, and Pick-Up Tower can complete all the tasks above, eliminating multiple jobs that once required a physical person.

Obviously, we won’t be living in a world like The Jetsons by 2030, but we’ll certainly be getting closer. If your career is at risk,  use the next ten years to transition or train for jobs that will be in high demand instead.