The Top US Cities to Seek Work

The Top US Cities to Seek Work

Finding a new job can be difficult and depending on your location the odds could be stacked either for or against you. Luckily, there are yearly reports from a variety of sources that help identify the places in the US that are most beneficial for job-seekers, and what business services are the most readily available.

If you are open to relocating, here are the best places in the US to look for jobs right now. If you’re lucky enough to already live in one, then hit that pavement!

San Jose, California

Indeed ranked San Jose as the top city for job market favorability this year. They also ranked very high for work/life balance and job security. Unfortunately, there’s always a trade-off and San Jose ranked fairly low on salary.

Silicon Valley is in San Jose, so obviously tech-related occupations and business services make up a massive number of the jobs in the area. With San Francisco only an hour away, this is truly a tech jobs mecca.

Los Angeles, California

The fact that there are multiple cities from California (the world’s sixth largest economy) is not surprising. Los Angeles ranked top on Indeed’s list for work/life balance and also high on job security. Unfortunately, it ranks even lower than San Jose in salary, however.

Unsurprisingly, entertainment is the biggest employment opportunities in Las Angeles. Companies such as Walt Disney and Paramount ranked high on their top employer’s list. But there’s also Cedar-Sinai Medical Center which employees many in the health industry.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

On Indeed’s list, Minneapolis ranks very high for job market favorability, but a bit lower for work/life balance and job security. The opportunities for business services and financial jobs, personal care jobs and computer/mathematical jobs are higher than the national average.

Seattle, Washington

Ranking relatively high on salary, Seattle has also shown very high job market favorability. They are one of the fastest growing cities in the US and their tech sector is booming. Computer/mathematical jobs and other business services account for a huge portion, double the national average. With companies like Microsoft and Amazon located there, it’s no small wonder.

Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital also ranked high on Indeed’s list. Job security and work/life balance are its key attributes, with job market favorability somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, salary came in fairly low on the list.

Home to many nonprofits and NGOs, there are a lot of opportunities for business services in DC. The salary is probably driven down by the number of public sector jobs, which tend to pay less. That said, there are private sector jobs available.