So, You Want to Be an Online Influencer – Here’s How to Get Started

So, You Want to Be an Online Influencer – Here’s How to Get Started

There are few more seemingly glamorous jobs than that of an influencer. Yes, that’s right, there are people who make a living simply by being popular on the internet.

Of course, most make it look easy with their too-perfect photos and what appear to be lackadaisical lifestyles. That doesn’t mean it’s all play and no hard work though. Building a following, especially if you’re not already famous, requires quite a bit of hustling.

Success doesn’t come overnight – in fact, it often takes years of hard work to build an audience. It may be quite some time before you’re able to reap any financial rewards. And even that is dependent on how popular you’re able to become and how much work you put in.

However, we do have some tips for anyone wanting to make it on Instagram, YouTube, or really any platform.

1. Choose a focus.

One of the absolute most important things is finding your niche. As an influencer, the content you produce is what defines your online persona, which is what you’re trying to commodify.

Figure out what you’re most passionate about and start producing content that’s focused on that one thing. Try to be unique and original, as certain categories are quite saturated – like fitness, beauty, food, and fashion.

Once you’ve chosen a focus topic, remember to always stay on brand.

2. Build Your Following

If you want to make a living off of social media, you’re going to have to build a community. That means you’ll have to make legitimate connections with your followers.

In some cases, you can use the small army strategy, being highly interactive with a small group of followers. Folks who do this are sometimes referred to as micro-influencers.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to build a huge following or not, you should make sure everyone feels significant. The stronger your community is, the easier it will be for you to grow and succeed.

3. Always Have Something to Offer

If you provide useful, helpful content, you (and your advice) will likely be more appreciated. That’s why it’s important to provide valuable content that helps your followers solve problems in their own lives.

You should be a source of ideas, inspiration, and answers to questions people may have. In other words: always try to pass your knowledge on to your community. Alternatively, you’ll need to be highly entertaining and produce incredibly engaging content.

4. Be Consistent

We already mentioned staying on brand. That’s one thing you’ll need to be consistent about, but it’s not the only thing. Being consistent also means staying active.

You may not need to post every 2 hours, as suggested by Cardi B. However, you should still post as frequently as you can produce quality content. That means you should constantly be creating content at least every day.

Prepare posts in advance if necessary so you can always publish your content on schedule. That way people can rely on you.