So, You Totally Aced Your Interview – Here’s What to Do Next

So, You Totally Aced Your Interview – Here’s What to Do Next

With the hardest part out of the way, it almost feels like time to celebrate. Not so fast, just because you nailed that interview doesn’t mean you’re done – far from it. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Sure, your phone might ring, and you might magically get that job offer without further effort on your part. But why chance it? In such a competitive job market, you shouldn’t be leaving anything up in the air. And that’s especially true if it’s a coveted position.

By not following up, you could totally lose out to some other candidate. So, here’s what you do…

Gather Information

After your interview, it’s important to have gathered all the important information for a follow-up.

That means you should have asked your interviewer what their timeline looks like for making a decision regarding the position. If you didn’t, that’s ok, you can ask in your follow-up call or email.

So, which do you do? Call or email? That depends on what they’ve told you. It’s important to always follow directions when it comes to following up. If they suggested email, that’s the medium you should use. If they said to wait a few weeks, respect that request.

Make sure you have all the contact information, including names and email addresses before leaving your interview. If you didn’t write everything down, you can grab a business card or talk to the receptionist.

Assess the Situation

Directly following your interview, you should take time to assess everything that transpired. Jot down notes for any key points that you might want to remember – that includes questions and their answers. If there’s anything you forgot to ask, write that down, too.

These notes will help you prepare for a second interview if there’s a callback procedure. Plus, it can also help you refine your interview skills in general.

Take a moment to consider areas in which you may need to improve, as well as what you did right.

Always Follow Up

Even if you truly aced that interview, it’s important to stay fresh in the interviewer’s mind. That’s why it’s absolutely  crucial that you send a follow-up email (unless they suggested or implied you should call).

Keep your email concise and simple. It shouldn’t be long-winded or difficult to read, else it will likely only be skimmed over. Target key points like your strengths and what you can offer the company. Also, be sure you address any questions you may have forgotten to ask. If there were any answers you gave that felt unsatisfactory to you, now is also your chance to fix that. Feel free to clarify and/or expound on things you feel you could have said better.

Also, consider sending a nice, handwritten thank-you note to express gratitude for their time and the opportunity you were given. This often leaves a major impact, which may be highly influential in helping you officially land the job.

Let the interviewer know how enthusiastic you are and that you truly look forward to hearing from them.

Don’t Stop Your Job Search

Even if you’re absolutely certain that you’re a shoo-in, you shouldn’t quit your job hunting just yet. It’s good to be optimistic, but it’s also important to be realistic. You’re not guaranteed anything until an offer is made. And even if you’re perfect for the position, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t swoop in and take it.

Not continuing your search may mean missing up on an even better opportunity.