Side Gigs: A Good Way to Make Extra Money, or a Waste of Time?

Side Gigs: A Good Way to Make Extra Money, or a Waste of Time?

When you’re running low on spending money and looking to make ends meet however you can, things can seem somewhat grim. How are you supposed to make any money when you’ve already got a job that eats up much of your time? Well, that’s where a side hustle or side gig can help.

Side gigs, like driving for a ride-sharing service or delivering food for an app, can be a way to fill downtime with money-making. But, are they the best way to use your time? Let’s take a look.

The Pros

Side gigs can be great for people with work schedules that are hard to plan around. Since many of them allow you to simply “turn on” the app and begin driving for them, you can fit them in when you’re free. You don’t need to schedule for them, you simply earn some money in your downtime. This can be especially helpful for people with part-time or retail jobs that have variable schedules.

Those types of jobs are typically lower paying, so having two sources of income can be a way to rival normal full-time work in terms of earnings. If you have stretches of free time you’d like to fill with money-earning activity, this is one way to do that.

The Cons

These side-gig jobs are tough for some people. Often, they require you to have a vehicle that is dependable. In the case of ride-sharing, your vehicle needs to be somewhat newer, which can disqualify many who are unable to afford such vehicles.

Moreover, they eat into your free time greatly. If you have other skills, like creating art or programming, you could often make money through freelancing with a similar amount of time.

Another option for making money in your downtime could be studying the stock market and making investments based on that. However, not everyone has the capital required to make such investments, which could make the prospect of a side gig more attractive.

The Bottom Line

Side gigs aren’t a catch-all. If you have more marketable skills, you might find it more helpful to freelance with them or apply for higher-paying jobs. However, if you have a job that doesn’t quite meet your bills and is hard to schedule around, then a side gig could be a perfect compliment.

Remember, don’t overwork yourself, even if it’s to make a few more bucks. Having all that money is no fun if you never have any time to spend it.