Same Day Pay Jobs that Often Don’t Require Much Experience

Same Day Pay Jobs that Often Don’t Require Much Experience

Do you hate waiting for a week or two (or more) to get paid for the work you’ve already done? Thanks to the gig economy, there are a variety of jobs with same day pay. While some are cash-in-hand at the end of the day, others pay through online apps like PayPal.

Either way, you’ll be able to access your money the same day as you complete the associated job.

Availability does depend on your skill level, your available time, and often what type of transportation you have. However, many of these jobs are quite easy to land. Do remember, you will still have to report all taxable income (yes, even cash) on your income tax return.

Ridesharing (e.g. Lyft, Uber)

To get a gig working for a ridesharing service, you’ll need to have a relatively new and reliable vehicle. Additionally, you’ll have to have a valid license and be able to pass a background check. You’ll also want to be somewhat knowledgeable about the city in which you’ll be driving. Both Uber and Lyft pay electronically.

Other Driving Gigs

In addition to driving folks around, there are also some driving gigs that don’t involve dealing with passengers. There’s Uber Eats and, in some cities, Bird and Shipt. You’ve probably already heard of Uber Eats and know that it’s food pickup and delivery.

Bird is an electric scooter company that relies on gig workers to retrieve and recharge their scooters each day. They pay each day based on how many scooters you charge overnight. Shipt is a lot like Uber Eats, though it involves grocery shopping.

Babysitting and Petsitting

Childcare and pet care gigs often pay cash daily, especially if you do it as a part-time job. There are a number of different websites that can help you connect with potential clients, too. Working under more formal arrangements like at a daycare center or as a nanny, however, may have a payroll system. Childcare and pet care do both require some experience working with children and/or animals.

Waitstaff & Hospitality Jobs

As you know, most folks in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries make the majority of their wages in tips. Waiters and waitresses, bartenders and mixologists, casino dealers, bellhops, skycaps, and many other jobs like these all make tips.

You might have to “tip out” at the end of each day, but you’ll still have cash in your pocket. Tipping out is, of course, sharing a portion of your wages with the support staff like bar backs and bussers.

Labor Jobs

Day labor jobs often come with cash payments upon completion of a job. Home repair, cleaning, construction, and other labor jobs can often be found via online job postings. You can work for someone else through a placement service or simply offer your skills for hire.

Of course, you’ll want to be cautious about searching for and accepting jobs. Working for a placement company can take a lot of the stress off.

Landscape and Gardening Jobs

If you happen to have experience or knowledge when it comes to gardening or other work related to the home, a landscape or gardening job might be a perfect fit for you.  There are many jobs available that can make use of gardening or landscape experience, and if you happen to enjoy gardening – even better!

Even the ability to do general handywork around the home can be a huge benefit when it comes to looking for a new job.