Remove These 4 Things From Your LinkedIn Profile ASAP!

Remove These 4 Things From Your LinkedIn Profile ASAP!

Earlier this year, we posted an article about how you could improve your LinkedIn profile page in order to increase your chances of landing a new job. The article went over steps you could take or items you could add to make your profile more appealing to employers.

Well, today we are going to take a much different approach. Rather than focusing on what you could add or change, we have decided to point out 4 specific things you need to remove from your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible! They could very well be keeping you from getting that job you’ve always wanted.

That Unprofessional Selfie Profile Photo

Typically, that selfie you took with your friends one weekend won’t impress potential employers no matter how good your Photoshop skills are. Although first impressions aren’t always the best indication of a person’s personality, they are very important when it comes to landing a new job.

It’s certainly worth your time and money to get a professional headshot taken by an experienced photographer. Make sure you dress appropriately for your field, look well-groomed, and are wearing an inviting smile that says “I can make your company successful.”

Those Unprofessional Comments or Posts

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is not the same as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It’s a professional platform used to convey your intellect and abilities, not controversial issues or personal vents. When an employer visits your profile page, the only thing they need to see are items related to your work experience.

If you’ve used LinkedIn to voice a negative comment or post something that is more personal rather than professional, it’s best to remove it altogether. This doesn’t mean you aren’t “being true to yourself,” but it does remove unnecessary distractions that employers don’t care to see.

Those Unrelated Job Experiences

Although it’s important to show employers your previous experience, it still needs to be relevant to your current career. Remove positions or projects that focus on what you used to do in favor of responsibilities that focus on what you want to do.

Basically, you don’t want any outdated content on your LinkedIn profile. If you’re seeking a job in management, don’t highlight past experiences in which you didn’t perform any management activities. Only focus on the job responsibilities that will impress a potential employer.

That Narrative Biography

Stories are usually written in the third-person so the author can be more descriptive about the action and thoughts of the characters. This is fine when writing a novel, but it’s not the best avenue to take when describing who you are.

Instead, write your biography (or summary) in first-person to allow employers to feel a more intimate connection. They are hiring a person after all, not a robot. Remove any third-person language and make sure your bio is direct and personal. This demonstrates confidence and ownership.