Re-Entering the Workforce: Tips to Ease Your Transition

Re-Entering the Workforce: Tips to Ease Your Transition

There are plenty of reasons that people go on hiatus from the workforce. Maybe you wanted to travel or focus on volunteering. Or, perhaps you needed to care for an elderly family member or spend extra time with your new baby.

Regardless of the reasoning, you’re hoping to jump back in to the workforce, but you’re concerned about your gap in employment. Don’t let that employment gap keep you from looking for a job. Here are a few tips to ease your transition back into the workforce.

Beef Up Your Resume

Before you start searching for a job, you need to make sure your resume is in order. Since you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, you’ll likely have a big gap between your last job and now. In order to fix that gap, you should first think about adding to your resume with volunteering. If you’re able to fit volunteering into your schedule, it can be a great way to boost your resume, especially if it is related to your career.

You can also look at different resume formats that highlight skills, experience, and education more than just job history. It won’t hide your gap in employment, but it will help highlight what you’re bringing to the table, and make it less obvious that you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time.

Notify Your Network

Take the time to let your friends, acquaintances, family, and former colleagues that you’re planning on heading back into the workforce. It’s the easiest way to get more people in your corner and searching for opportunities.

If they know about a good opportunity, they will likely be more than willing to share that information with you. They might also be more than happy to put in a good word with you if they can.

Prepare Your Pitch

You already know that you’re going to need to explain your gap in employment to anyone who sees your resume or interviews you. But did you think about everyone else? You’ll probably also get a lot of questions from your network once you notify them that you’re shifting back into the workforce.

You don’t need to hide the fact that you’ve been on hiatus, but you should prepare what you’re going to say so that it comes off as confident, positive, and professional.

Brush Up With Classes

Regardless of how long you’ve been out of the workforce, or which field you are in, everyone can benefit from brushing up on their skills. When searching for a new job, it is essential that you are up-to-date on the latest industry best practices.

Check with local community colleges, or try searching for online courses that you can benefit from.