Office Party Etiquette: Tips From Social Etiquette Expert Lisa Grotts

Office Party Etiquette: Tips From Social Etiquette Expert Lisa Grotts

An office party can be a fun event that allows you to break away from the daily grind and celebrate the holidays with your co-workers. But if you want to avoid any office party nightmares, there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Today, we have some tips from Lisa Mirza Grotts, an expert on social etiquette, to keep your holiday party fun for everyone.

Lisa Mirza Grotts is the Golden Rules Gal, a warm and no-nonsense expert on the thorny subject of manners. She dispenses pearls of wisdom to help her readers and clients deal with tricky business, social, and political situations by always putting their best foot forward. Lisa has been prominently featured in a wide range of media, including Fox News, NBC, The Today Show, and BBC News, serving as an on-air contributor and offering commentary on social graces and etiquette.

If you want your holiday to be merry and bright, keep everything light–from the conversation to the alcohol. Think of the party as a mock job interview and always be on your best behavior.

Office Party Etiquette

1. Conversation. Agree to disagree if the conversation turns to politics. Never discuss finances, health-related issues, or office politics.

2. RSVP. You may be an employee, but you still need to RSVP for a food and beverage headcount.

3. Dress for success. If you want a job to come back to, skip the short skirts and plunging necklines. For men, business casual to formal is usually appropriate.

4. Don’t be a wallflower. Mingle with everyone–not just familiar colleagues, but others you may not know. You will earn your keep and earn points for making conversation.

5. Don’t overindulge. That means to monitor your alcohol intake. Stand out for the right reason.

6. Spillage. If you accidentally spill food or drinks on someone, own up to it and help clean up as appropriate. Accidents happen.

7. Dining tips for a seated dinner. Bread is buttered one bite at a time. Soup is spooned away from you. Salt and pepper always travel together. When using utensils, work from the outside in.

8. Thank-you notes. Don’t forget to send your boss a handwritten thank-you note the next day. Gratitude is always appreciated.

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