No Diploma? No Problem – Here are Some Tips for Finding Jobs with No Education Requirements

No Diploma? No Problem – Here are Some Tips for Finding Jobs with No Education Requirements

Without a high school diploma, finding a decent job can be a major challenge. Research has repeatedly proven that the more education one has, the easier it is to land a job. That doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck. Even with no diploma there are still careers available for those who are determined.

Types of Jobs Available

There are some limitations to what you may find. More than half of the most common jobs available to folks with no diploma fall into one of four sectors. These are architecture and construction, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and transportation. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other odd jobs you could be doing though.

Go Where the Jobs Are

Some cities and towns might not have a lot of opportunities. That’s why it might be necessary for you to look outside your immediate vicinity. Sometimes there are employment booms in certain hot spots around the country. Keeping up with employment news is a good way to hear about these when they first pop up.

Be an Attractive Candidate

Use your strengths to your advantage. If you’re a big guy, you might be more likely to land a security job. If you have a perfect driving record, you could be a great candidate for a transportation or delivery job. Have a sparkling personality? If you’re a people person, there are even more opportunities for you to earn a good living without an education. Good bartenders, for instance, can rake in some pretty major tips.

Look for Less Desirable Jobs

Certain jobs are dirty jobs, but someone’s got to do them. If you’re willing to take jobs that less people want, opportunities may be more plentiful. For example, some sanitation workers can work their way up to a $60,000 annual salary with no diploma needed.

How to Keep Jobs Once You Find Them

Sometimes holding onto a good job can be as difficult as finding one, especially in today’s ever-changing market. The key thing is to be a good worker. Reliability can go a long way for someone without an education. If you’re dependable, show up on time every day, and have a good personality, you can become a success story. Yes, even with no diploma.