No Degree, No Problem! These 3 Top-Paying Tech Jobs Don’t Require A College Diploma

No Degree, No Problem! These 3 Top-Paying Tech Jobs Don’t Require A College Diploma

Attending college has never been a cheap endeavor. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice your social life in order to make good grades to earn a scholarship to the school of your choice, you’ll more than likely have to take out thousands of dollars in school loans just to attend college. Even then, you aren’t guaranteed a well-paying job.

If you decided to bypass college altogether because it just wasn’t for you or you didn’t know what career path to take, it’s certainly not too late to learn a new skill and land the job of your dreams. In fact, the following 3 top-paying jobs don’t even require a college diploma. Continue reading to find out if one of them is perfect for you.

Computer Programmer

The really convenient thing about becoming a computer programmer is that it can be accomplished as a freelancer or with an organization. Essentially, you’ll be responsible for writing code for smart device applications or desktop computers, as well as special software programs for specific companies.

Companies and clients don’t care whether or not you have a degree as long as you produce great results. This job also pays an average salary of $82K a year!

Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for how a website looks and how it functions on a technical level. This is another one of those tech jobs in which someone can be successful working as a freelancer. Although many web developers have four-year or associate degrees, experience wins out a majority of the time.

You’ll also be able to earn at least $68K annually during your first year. There are several courses available online to help you fine-tune your web-development skills at a low cost. It’s something to definitely consider for the future.

Network Engineer

Have you ever had a job in which you couldn’t send anything to the printer or pass a file to a co-worker? If so, you probably had to reach out to the network engineer to do some troubleshooting.

Network engineers are tasked with making sure the networks that connect different devices and technology together are communicating properly. They usually deal with hardware issues as opposed to software.

Although many network engineer positions prefer a four-year degree, entry-level positions are available without this prerequisite. A top-paid engineer can easily bring home $72K a year. Not too bad at all.