Networking During a Pandemic: It’s About Who You Know

Networking During a Pandemic: It’s About Who You Know

Normally, networking is a huge part of any professional job. You need to know the right people, be in the right circles and play the right parts to get ahead in the most competitive fields. If you’re looking to get ahead, you need to be networking. However, it’s a bit tough to reach out and make new friends in the middle of a pandemic, when everyone in your field is working from home.

So, how do you network in a pandemic? How can you expand your list of contacts and stay competitive during these weird times? That’s what we’re here today to help you with. Remember: things might be different, but you still need to be giving it your all.

Staying Connected

You might not be able to stay connected the way you used to, but it’s important to maintain your contacts. Maybe you can’t head out to lunch with your pals from the neighboring firm, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay in touch. Reach out digitally and see if your contacts want to do Zoom lunches or teleconferenced happy hours. These social events can connect you even when you can’t be physically together.

The same goes for your office friends. Just because you can’t see each other across the hall during the workday doesn’t mean that you can’t have lunch together! Hop into a conference call and treat it like the cafeteria. There’s no reason to let these weird conditions prevent you from enjoying the company of your friends and business acquaintances.

Making New Friends

LinkedIn remains a huge resource for any professional. The business social media site is a lifesaver when you’re looking to make new professional contacts. Staying connected with a wide network is a huge help when it comes to knowing what positions are open and where. Even if you love your job, it’s critical to be in the loop about who’s hiring, who’s paying the best, and who has the best benefits.

Staying on good terms with the people in your professional circle is paramount. Your reputation is your strength in the professional world, and that’s even more important when you can’t see your contacts in person. Keep a strong reputation for hard work going by treating your work the same from home as you would in the office. It’s important to keep up the hard work, pandemic notwithstanding.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’re able to stay in the loop with your professional colleagues and work friends.