NCAA Head Coaching Jobs That Could Be Up for Grabs

NCAA Head Coaching Jobs That Could Be Up for Grabs

Football columnist Dan Wolken of USA Today is predicting that at least five schools may be posting job openings for a new head coach in the coming days.

As the regular season comes to end, football programs that had less than desirable outcomes could be looking for a change–and the head coach is often the target when it comes to turning things around.

If you’ve got the skills and have dreamed of becoming a head coach, this could be your chance to land your dream job. Wolken singled out five schools that could be posting vacancies after the regular season ends on Sunday.


Provided Missouri beats Arkansas this weekend, it still leaves Missouri’s coach Barry Odom with a 25-25 record after serving as head coach for four years. His buyout is only $2.65 million, making this both a reasonable and affordable move if the team wants to make a bet on a new head coach.

The one thing that could hold this up is Missouri’s postseason ban, which the NCAA is upholding for the next two years. This would make it difficult, though not impossible, for the Tigers to find a better replacement on the open market.

Boston College

Stave Addazio is 43-44 and has already had few close calls. Last year it was impossible to fire him after starting 7-2, but this year they’re at 5-6, making it a good possibility if they don’t win Pitt and become eligible for the bowl. Wolken speculated that Greg Schiano could be a good candidate for Boston after his deal with Rutgers went south this week.


With a $10 million buyout to replace coach Kevin Sumlin, this is a risky prediction we’ll have to wait and see about. Wolken wrote, “Arizona has badly regressed this year and been rife with dysfunction on its coaching staff during a six-game losing streak.”

He went onto say the hefty buyout could mean needing help from donors to make it happen.

Michigan State

Whether or not this coaching job is up for grabs could be Mark Dantonio’s choice. If he does come back, he’ll be facing a tough rebuild of the coaching staff. This coming from higher up, whether Dantonio will stick around is a bit questionable–potentially putting his job up for grabs.


Wolken’s final prediction took aim at Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead, writing, “Joe Moorhead has proven to be a terrible fit in two seasons. There is strong belief around the industry that an Egg Bowl loss to Ole Miss would seal his fate, though it’s possible he could be fired even with a win. Moorhead could be on Rutgers’ list, providing a soft landing and a clean exit.”