Looking the Part: Being Interview Ready When Looking for a New Job

Looking the Part: Being Interview Ready When Looking for a New Job

Interviewing for a new job is stressful. Everyone knows the basics: wear your nicest clothes, make sure you’re prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions, bring your resume. Today, we’re going over some more in-depth tips for looking the part that you might have overlooked.

Here are the best ways to look the part when you’re interviewing for a new job.

Looking the Part

It’s the Details

Little details, like wrinkles in your shirt or pants, or pet hair sticking to the back of a jacket, can make or break you in an interview process. You want to present the best version of yourself, so don’t slack on the small stuff. If you have pets, use a lint roller on your clothes.

Make sure you iron your clothes before you leave the house. Check your buttons, and make sure everything is in the right place. Making a good first impression is quite important, and your outfit is a huge part of that.


Make sure your jewelry or accessories aren’t too distracting. If you have a particularly noticeable necklace, ring or watch you like to wear, consider not bringing it to the interview. Some interviewers might feel as though large, noticeable jewelry is attempting to compensate for something: instead, opt for more subdued accessories that aren’t quite as eye-catching.

That way, if the interviewer does take note of it, it will seem more natural and less forced.

Personal Hygiene

This likely goes without saying, but it’s important enough that it bears repeating: you need to make sure you smell nice before heading to an interview. More than just showering and putting on deodorant, you’ll want to make sure talking to you is a pleasant experience.

Brush your teeth just before you go to the interview, and wear a subtle splash or cologne or perfume. A memorable and pleasant scent makes the interviewer associate a positive physical presence with the time they take to interview you.

A neat little trick you could try is putting a tiny amount of the cologne or perfume you wore to the interview on your resume. That way, when the interviewer is reviewing your qualifications, they’ll be reminded of the interview with you.