Landing a Job Without the Listed Experience

Landing a Job Without the Listed Experience

If you are skipping over jobs because you don’t have all the listed experience, don’t let it stop you from applying.

Often times, job seekers don’t even apply for jobs because they don’t have the exact amount of experience or education listed on the job post. Experience is the one thing hiring managers are willing to overlook if you have that raw talent they so desperately seek, along with a relentless willingness to learn.

No Experience–No Problem

Sometimes hiring someone with less experience has its own advantages to employers–and they know it. Hiring someone who has years of experience in a specific job can lead to an employee with a know-it-all attitude and an unwillingness to change. Hiring someone they can train to do things the way they want might be a better investment in the long run.

By walking in with the basic skills needed and a willingness to learn, you show key factors that employers look for. Landing an interview could present a bit more of a challenge, but if you get your foot in the door, use your lack of experience to your advantage. Be enthusiastic and help them see how some of your related experience is applicable even if it’s not exactly what they asked for.

Show Off Your Ambition

Drive, integrity, and humility are all excellent qualities that employers love to see. Seasoned hiring managers know they can only help skilled employees grow and acclimate to a certain degree. They also know there are a few things they just can’t change. Attitude and behavior are extremely important qualities that are very hard to correct.

Be upfront about how quickly you think you could come up to speed and what areas you would need help in. Approach this with a good attitude and a helpful, can-do spirit.

For instance, let’s say you are applying for a job in a call center, and they are asking for x number of years experience. If you’ve ever worked at a retail location or a fast-food restaurant, you have what it takes to help people over the phone in a call center environment. Point out the fact that you dealt with customers face-to-face and that, with a little training, you could come up to speed on the dialing equipment and software.

Although you may not be exactly what a company is looking for on paper, if you know you are a good fit–go for it. Show off your willingness to learn and find ways to make your experience translate to the new job opportunity.