Land Your Dream Job and Increase Your Salary by Getting Salesforce Certified

Land Your Dream Job and Increase Your Salary by Getting Salesforce Certified

Salesforce has become an industry standard platform due to its customer relationship management (CRM) system and there is a high demand for people who are well-versed and experts in this software, which means getting certified in this product can lend you the job of your dreams or make the difference in pulling down a higher salary.

In this article, we’ll explain what CRM is and why knowing it and getting certified can make you a valuable prospect to top companies.

Most of the world’s top companies, as well as, a huge number of companies in general, particularly those in the tech sector, all rely on Salesforce to manage their customer relationships. You can safely bet that most large organizations are using Salesforce. Therefore, if you have a firm grasp of Salesforce, and especially if you are certified in its use, you are going to have a strong advantage over other prospects at hiring time.

Salesforce is the standard at top companies
Salesforce says it has more than 150,000 clients, among them: Amazon, T-Mobile, American Express, US Bank, Adidas, Toyota and the list goes on.

But the software is also used by many smaller companies as well. It’s used by a range of industries including: healthcare, tech, insurance, retail, media, travel and hospitality, wealth management, manufacturing, and even government.

Why Salesforce?
It makes a huge difference in productivity, but also where it counts by benefiting the return on investment for marketing efforts, improving a company’s bottom line. Salesforce helps companies better manage their sales, service, marketing and commerce efforts.

What is CRM?
So just what is customer relationship management (CRM)?

In the simplest of terms, it’s a software technology that helps a company manage all of its relationships and interactions with its customers and potential customers. It helps streamline all the processes involved with being connected to customers.

The need for CRM has grown and continues to grow now that businesses do less face-to-face interactions than were the norm decades ago.

Businesses now increasingly operate globally through Internet connections.

With those changes aside, what hasn’t changed is the need for strong customer relationships, follow-up and follow-through to turn prospects into customers and then into repeat customers.

A CRM provides a way of keeping track of information on a company’s prospects and customers in a comprehensive way, that tracks their customer journey, and helps remind the business of everything they need to do at each stage.

Further, all CRM information is held in the cloud so that businesses can access customer information outside of the office – no matter where they are.

Why getting certified is a difference-maker
A lot of people at companies use Salesforce in a way that could be referred to as a “need-to-know” level. They’ve managed to tinker around and learn how to use a certain area of the software to do specific tasks they need to do, in other words they only know what they need to know. However, if they need to do something in some other area of the software – they are lost – and need to find someone else at the company who can help them.

Further, if you only know a little bit of the software, you really don’t know how to tap into the true power it has. You’re not really putting all the pieces together and using it at its fullest potential.

Therefore, if you walk into a company as a certified Salesforce user, you’re going to be the kind of problem-solver that all companies who use Salesforce need. Because a lot of companies are filled with Salesforce tinkerers, but slim on experts.

Getting certified in Salesforce: What you must know
There are three certifications you can choose: Administrator, Advanced Administrator or App Builder.

To get certified, you need to take a preparation course, then take your exam with Salesforce.

Your first inclination might be to get certified by the company itself. However, not only are Salesforce’s official training programs to prepare you for certification quite expensive, they won’t cover everything you need to know.

You shouldn’t be surprised at this, this is almost the norm with every company that does its own training – the best training usually comes from third parties.

There are many other places you can get preparation training prior to your exam at Salesforce for a lot less money, and it is worth doing some research to check out your options.

Mashable is offering “The essential Salesforce certification training bundle” that claims to take you from beginner to certified Salesforce Pro via 3 courses. Right now, the bundle, normally priced $1197, is being offered for only $39, but hurry because this deal ends on June 19.

Check out the Mashable Salesforce training course at the link below:

When you’re ready to take your Salesforce certification exams, visit the Official Salesforce certification page at the link below: