Job Hunting Resolutions for a Successful New Year

Job Hunting Resolutions for a Successful New Year

Setting new goals each year and making new plans can help revitalize your energy and refuel both your life and career. Take action this year to help achieve your goals and end the next year in a better place.

Take Care of You

First and foremost, if you are not doing something you love every day, make that your number one goal for 2020. Being happy with what you do as your career plays an important role in how happy you are daily. Not only will you be happier in general, but studies show you’ll also be more productive at work.

Another part of taking care of yourself is to ensure you establish some “me” time on a regular basis. When you get caught up doing things for others, it’s easy to lose sight of what you need. Resolve to take time for yourself every day to do things you enjoy. Take that time to relax, exercise, meditate, play with your pet or cook a nice dinner.

It’s also important that you give yourself credit when you know you’ve done something deserving. Sometimes waiting on others to give you acknowledgment will leave you disappointed. When you are proud of a work or personal achievement, write yourself a thank you note, or just keep a list of your successes to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Resolve to be Better

Regardless how close you are to reaching your professional goals, make an effort to learn something new each day. Take time to research by reading articles, discussing ideas with colleagues or keep up-to-date with what is happening in your industry. Aim to read a few business books each month along with online journals or periodicals to keep you learning and growing throughout the year.

Keep your network strong by reaching out to colleagues and scheduling professional meetings at least once per month. Growing your professional and personal relationships through active participation in networking can boost your career or provide you with invaluable references if you need them down the road.

Make a point to listen more than you talk, but be sure to show courage in the workplace when necessary. Speaking your mind and sharing alternative ideas can quickly gain you recognition among co-workers. Especially for those that don’t often speak up, this can be a resolution that could boost you up to the next level.

Write down your resolutions and goals for the new year and keep track of them throughout the year. Making an effort to do better and take care of yourself can lead to new opportunities for growth and happiness.