Job Hunting on the Down Low

Job Hunting on the Down Low

Not every job seeker is unemployed and able to publicly put themselves out there. Sometimes, job seekers are already employed but looking for better opportunities. If you are one of the latter, read this article on avoiding common mistakes while searching for a new job on the down low.

Job Fairs

Job fairs can be great for finding opportunities in certain job fields. But if you are already employed and secretly searching, then you should absolutely avoid job fairs. It’s a small world and there’s a chance that you may run into someone in your industry.

Tell Colleagues

Don’t trust your work colleagues to keep your job seeking endeavors secret. Even if you are friends with them, it may come up in conversation with the wrong person who then makes it public knowledge. It’s best to just avoid the risk of repercussions.

Respond to Blind Ads

If there’s a job that looks interesting, but the company is not named, then don’t respond. After all, there’s a chance you could accidentally apply to the company you are already working at.

Use Your Work Computer

Never, ever use your work computer to search for job listings or apply for jobs. Big brother is probably watching in the IT department and even if your company has a lax stance on internet access, someone may walk in on you.

What To Do Instead

Rather than make any of those mistakes, here are some good ideas for job hunting while employed.


Moonlighting can be a great way to make contacts and score a potential job offer. Unless your company has a policy against moonlighting, you are free to spend your off-work time however you like. Just be sure to never work on your moonlighting during business hours – even on your personal devices.

Use a Trusted Recruiter

Recruiters work with a lot of people who are looking for work while employed. They understand how to set up confidential interviews where all parties involved are aware that the interview is not public knowledge. Finding a good recruiter can be key.