Job Hunting Doesn’t Need to be Miserable: Making it Fun

Job Hunting Doesn’t Need to be Miserable: Making it Fun

When you’re looking for a new job, does it feel like a chore all on its own? We’ve all been there. It can be exhausting to get done with your main job just in time to have to start looking for work. Updating your resume, checking job listings, and getting ready for job interviews is far from fun.

However, there are some ways you can make the most of job hunting and try to bring some fun into it. And, who knows, it might just help you score a job you’ll really love. Here’s what we mean.

Inject Some Personality

When you go in for a job interview, have fun with it and be yourself. If the environment is overbearing, stiff, and stuffy, you might not be a good fit anyway. Why not have a bit of fun? If the interview cracks a joke, it’s okay to laugh. Inject some personality into your interview.

Interviewers aren’t robots, they’re people like you. When you engage them, tell them stories about your life. Humanize yourself to them. If you’re stiff and giving robotic, pre-recorded answers to all of their questions, you simply won’t make an impression. That’s why this is a critical part of the interviewing process!

Treat Your Resume as an Extension of Yourself

Who says a resume has to be so bland and dry? Treat your resume as an extension of yourself. It’s a document meant to introduce you to a potential employer. Why not make it fun? Include colors that speak to who you are, eye-catching fonts that accentuate your accomplishments, and lists of your achievements that act as a living document of your success.

Which resume do you think will lead to a callback, a boring one, or a lively one? If you sell yourself with energy, fun, and vivacity, the right people will be calling you for an interview.

Online Presence

This extends to your online presence, too. LinkedIn gets a reputation for being “Facebook, but super boring”. It doesn’t need to be! If you’re excited about your skills and your job opportunities, make that apparent on LinkedIn. Brush up your profile picture. Keep it professional, but crack a smile! Everyone loves a smiling face.

Remember, you’re not a worker drone, and you don’t want a job that treats you like one. You’re a person, with a vibrant life and a passion for what you do. Let that shine and the world will be your oyster. Remember: it’s okay to have a bit of fun out there.