Interview Tips to Help You Stand Out

Interview Tips to Help You Stand Out

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to job interviews and they never seem to get easier for most people. It’s a difficult proposition to meet new people and sell yourself and your skills. The right kind of preparation can make interviews a little less painful, however. So, follow these tips and break a leg!

Practice Makes Perfect

Do some research on typical job interview questions and practice answering them. You might get a curveball in the middle of an interview, but many of the common questions do come up.

Make sure that you have some concrete examples in mind that highlight your skills. Take a look at their job requirements and think of how your previous experiences and successes match up.

Being specific about your previous successes are a surefire way to get noticed.

Know the Company

Hopefully you did a little of this before you even applied for the job, but be sure to research the company that you are trying to join. Get a solid idea of their history, their size and their company culture.

It’s important for employers that candidates fit their company culture. Don’t be dishonest, but being passionate about the same things that the company is passionate about makes for a great impression.

Be Early

Get there early so you have time to use the restroom, check your grooming and outfit and calm your nerves. You’ll also make a better impression showing up early than the alternative. That’s common sense!


Your body language says a lot about you, so try to loosen up and relax during the interview. If you seem very nervous, stiff or uncomfortable, your interviewers may not feel like they got a good impression of you during the interview.

Follow Up

Always be sure to follow up with a quit thank you note. This can be a good time to detail anything that you may have forgotten to mention during the interview, but for the most part keep it short and send it within 24 hours.