Interview Tips that Will Help You Land that Dream Job

Interview Tips that Will Help You Land that Dream Job

The most pivotal moment of any employment process is the job interview. If you’re looking to land your dream job, you’re going to need to bring your A-game to the interview. But how can you do that? By following our tips, of course. Here’s how you can land that job you want.

Research the Company

Begin by researching the company you want to work for. This will allow you to answer questions with the knowledge of what the company likes, and what kind of work they do. You can ask informed questions about their business. Being forewarned is as good as being fore-armed, and allows you to make a good first impression on the interviewer.

While you’re in this research phase, you should also take an opportunity to practice your common answers to interview questions. Know how you’ll answer questions like “what made you consider this company?” and “tell me some interesting facts about yourself”. Of course, you need to have an answer ready for the dreaded “tell me your biggest weakness”. We recommend an honest answer, but just don’t bear down on it.

If you’re a bit of a slacker, tell your interviewer you occasionally struggle with deadlines but you’re working on it. If you’re a perfectionist who can’t put things down, tell the interviewer that truthfully.

Talking Salary

Come prepared to talk about your salary. If you don’t know what the average person at the company makes, you might not be able to have this discussion earnestly. This is where your research phase comes up again. Make sure you know what the average starting salary for your position is. Know your worth! Don’t ask for an absurd pay rate, but be honest about your expectations.

You won’t be able to make the money you want to make if you don’t tell your employer what you expect. If they’re not willing to pay what you’re worth, then the job wasn’t for you to begin with. Salary discussions need to stay open and honest in order for employees to be informed about what employers expect to pay.

Dress the Part

Your appearance matters when it comes to an interview. Dress the part for the job you want! Wear your nice clothes and make sure you’re looking clean and crisp. You could even wear cologne or perfume to help make a good first impression.

Remember: it’s important to impress the interviewer out of the gate and make a great first impression.