How To Prepare For A Successful Job Interview

How To Prepare For A Successful Job Interview

Getting the job we want can be life-changing. It can literally transform our lives. Therefore, there is a lot riding on the success of a job interview.

Here are a few essential tips to help ensure your next job interview goes well.

1. Do your research

Before the interview, spend as much time as you can learning everything about the organization and the position itself beforehand. Internet research is a given, however, if you have the ability to speak with any current employees – that can go a long way toward giving you a better understanding of the organization’s mindset.

Try to understand the company culture and what the organization’s goals are. You need to think beyond the position you are applying for and consider what the organization is trying to accomplish overall.

This will align you with their vision and definitely will help you if the interviewer springs some unexpected questions on you.

2. Dress appropriately

Your clothing needs to match the expectations of the occupation. Unless you’re going after construction work or some other job that causes one to get dirty – the choice of attire is one of the first things your interviewer will notice. This is where your best first impression counts.

3. Bring 5 copies of your resume

You may be meeting with more people than just a single interviewer. Also, the interviewer may want additional copies of your resume to pass to others within the organization.

4. Prepare references

Whether they are asked for or not, you should have a list of references prepared in advance. You should also prepare your references themselves in advance to let them know they may be contacted on your behalf.

Make sure your reference list includes the following contact information close names, titles, organization, department, phone numbers and email addresses.

Further, give a brief line or two that explains your relationship (casual or professional) with the reference. Where appropriate, also note the duration of the relationship.

5. Prepare an “interview emergency kit”

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are away from home and something happens that could impair the success of your interview. Create a “kit” with things that could come in handy should something unexpected happened.

Some useful items may be: “extra pin, notepad, backup battery pack for your phone, breath mints, toothbrush/toothpaste, lint brush, stain-stick, brush/comb, Band-Aids, backup printouts of resume and references, etc. There may be more useful items that you can add to this list.