How to Impress Your Boss in Three Easy Steps

How to Impress Your Boss in Three Easy Steps

It’s important to stay on your boss’s good side. Not only will that make things around the office easier for you, it’s also the best way to get promoted and keep getting raises! Here are our top tips on how to impress your boss in three easy steps.

1. Be a Strong Communicator

Don’t be afraid to talk about relevant ideas and opinions! Your boss will be happy to hear from you when it comes to ways you think the company can succeed. Try to keep them up-to-date on your progress in any projects they’ve assigned you. That way, they don’t need to micromanage to see what’s happening on your level.

Ask for feedback! Your boss will be happy to tell you the places they think you’re excelling, and the places they think you could tighten up. Stay positive and upbeat in your communication with your boss. You don’t want them to associate talking with you with being stressed-out.

 2. Exceed Expectations

Do your job well! Take the initiative and make sure you’re giving it your all. A good manager can tell when you’re just phoning it in. Real effort gets real results, and you’ll be glad you put in the work when the promotions and raises are rolling in.

Have a well-informed opinion about the news in your field, too. Keep up with developments in your field, and stay informed on what your company could do to keep up. That kind of feedback will impress your boss, and can even help your company to excel in the market.

3. Look the Part

Dress for the job you want! When you want a promotion, dress like you care. Being neat and tidy in appearance shows you care how your appearance reflects on the company. Dressing professionally helps you feel professional when you get down to business.

It’s about more than just your physical appearance, too. Arrive early, leave late, and make sure your workspace is neat and tidy. Look as proactive as you actually are! Your boss might know you’re working hard even if you look like you’re not. However, why not give the appearance that you’re giving it your all while you’re actually giving it your all?

This will inspire your co-workers to give it their all, too!