How to Handle Being Fired, and Turn it Into a Positive

How to Handle Being Fired, and Turn it Into a Positive

It can be disappointing, scary, or even devastating to be laid off from your job. But if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are things you can do to avoid sinking into depression.

Here are a few tips about how to manage being fired in the healthiest way possible.

Read Inspiring Stories or Reach Out for Support

To comfort yourself, reach out to people you care about and trust. Seek their validation and support, and let yourself express whatever feelings you have about being fired.

You can also read the many stories available online, and among friends and family members, from people who have been fired and managed to make it through.

Remember that many people have been laid off, and you’re not alone.

Think of the Positives

There’s a silver lining to every chaotic or painful period in your life. Although you might (understandably!) be experiencing some sadness, shame, or even despair about your circumstances, make a mental list of what you could get out of this experience.

You can even write it out if you like.

For example, maybe you learned something about making mistakes at your last job that you could improve upon in your next career move.

Or, maybe there was something you hated at your job. Now, you can find a new position where those things won’t be an issue. Refer to your list whenever you start to slip into a negative state of mind again.

Let Yourself Grieve

Although it’s important to think of the pros of your situation, don’t shy away from the cons, either. Being fired is understandably upsetting, and it’s okay to let yourself have some time to grieve

. If you allow yourself to feel your emotions as they really are, you’ll be likelier to manage them in a healthy way instead of dwelling in them for too long.

Make a Strategic Plan for Your Future

The best way to deal with a situation that makes you feel helpless is to be proactive. Make a strategic plan about your future, starting with when you plan to start applying to another position. Take this opportunity to consider what kind of job you really want.

Beef up your resume, and take your time to write the best cover letter you can. When you’re ready, you can start the job application process with confidence.