How to De-Stress Over the Weekend and Prepare for Monday

How to De-Stress Over the Weekend and Prepare for Monday

For us nine to fivers, Friday evening feels good. Really good. After a long week at work dealing with whatever stresses we face in our careers, the two upcoming days at home are a heaven-send.

Of course, next thing we know… it’s Monday morning again.

If you haven’t fully de-stressed by then, you’ve got a tough week ahead of you. Take a look at some tips on how to reduce stress and prepare for your next week at work.

Do Some Cleaning

Coming home to a dirty house is stressful for many people. It’s definitely not how you want to end a Monday. So, spend a little time over the weekend cleaning and de-cluttering.

You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on yourself, just spent an hour or two knocking out some tasks. You’ll thank yourself later.

Do Some Cooking

Be careful not to go overboard with meal prep. Spending an entire day cooking for the week is not very relaxing (unless you just love cooking). But take a little time to meal plan the week and get a head start.

You may want to chop up some veggies, throw something in the slow cooker, boil some eggs. Keep it simple but productive. Again, you’ll thank yourself later.

Do Some Planning

Not just meal prep, but spend a couple minutes writing down the broad strokes of your upcoming week. Check your appointment calendar and make sure you know about anything coming up that you’ll have to plan around – dentist appointments or parent-teacher conferences.

Anything that throws your schedule out of whack. Just being mentally prepared for things like that can do you a lot of good.

Do Something for Yourself

As adults, we get caught up in all of our commitments. Families, significant others, friends. But, don’t forget yourself. It’s okay to carve out a little time over the weekend to just do exactly what you want to do.

Make that commitment to get some uninterrupted moments for YOU.