How to Become A Welder

How to Become A Welder

Welding is a popular career choice for many people who love to work with their hands. There’s nothing quite like making something solid and dependable with your own two hands! However, many people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to pursuing a career in welding. Well, today we’re going to briefly cover the basics of how to become a welder!

The Basics

First, you’ll need to make sure welding is right for you. You’re going to need to learn how to work with torches that put out a ton of heat. You’ll also need to learn how to read blueprint and make exact measurements. As such, if you’re still in high school, start focusing on your math and science courses, and try to get into shop class.

Learning to Be a Welder

If you’re out of high school, you’ll want to get a welder certification. Many programs exist that will help certify you to become a welder! These includes courses in trade schools, community colleges or even courses through the military (if you’re enlisted.) Getting certified is a big step into making yourself a desirable candidate in the job market. While some jobs may offer on-the-job training, you’re more likely to be hired if you’re already certified.

Many of these degree programs will set you up to succeed pretty much out of the gate. They do so by ensuring you have a solid grasp on metallurgy, blueprint reading and site safety. Many of these programs also include internships with established welders. These internships are a wonderful opportunity to network, learn more about the trade and hopefully help you make lasting job connections.

Finding Work as a Welder

Once you’ve acquired a certification, you’ll be much more desirable to potential employers. There are a ton of companies out there that need welders, so you should start looking right away! Don’t be afraid to put out a ton of job applications. The more calls back you get, the better! Carefully weigh all job offers and find the one that pays the right amount and offers the right benefits.

Most of those who work as a welder make around $38,000 a year as of 2015. That’s almost right on the national average, which isn’t too bad for a manufacturing career! If welding is a field that interests you, your career in the field could be closer to reality than you realize! All you need to do is start your education to increase your chances of being hired! Good luck and have fun!