Here’s Why You Didn’t Land That Interview

Here’s Why You Didn’t Land That Interview

As disappointing as it may be, you’re not going to get and interview for every job to which you apply.

Even after you’ve spent hours narrowing down your options and found the perfect job, you simply might not get it. Sure, you may have a fantastic résumé, a great cover letter, and you may even think you’re a shoo-in. Unfortunately, you still might not even make it to the interview stage.

Can’t figure out why? Keep reading.

Unforeseen Circumstances

First of all, don’t beat yourself up – often not getting an interview is due to factors completely outside of your control.

The company may have hired someone internally, their budget may have changed, or they may be rethinking their needs. Sometimes what a company says they’re looking for might not be what they actually realize they need. Or maybe someone who’s surprisingly better qualified than you happened to come along. Alternatively, hiring for the position might simply not be a priority.

However, there may be some factors that you do control. Here are a few reasons you may not have been granted an interview. If you believe one of these might apply to your situation, we suggest rethinking your approach and application materials.

Providing a Generic Cover Letter

You may have an incredibly well-written cover letter, and that’s great. Unfortunately, if it’s not tailored to the specific company and position for which you’re applying, it may be overlooked.

Many hiring managers tend to skip over cover letters that come off as generic. If they assume you’ve sent the same letter to multiple other companies, they might seriously doubt your enthusiasm.

Take care to customize your cover letters so they are company and position-specific. Just a few extra minutes of editing could make a huge difference.

Not Following Directions

If you applied for a job without reading or following directions regarding the application process, that also hurts your chances. If you fail to provide all of the requested information, your application may never even get viewed.

You Missed Some Typos

If your application, résumé, or cover letter contain typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors, that could be a huge turn-off. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, and it can be difficult to catch them when proofreading your own materials. Unfortunately, they could make or break your chances at an interview.

Have a friend or family member proof your materials before you send them in.

Your Online Presence is Unprofessional

You could be the most qualified candidate in the world, but your social media profiles could still impede your chances.

If a company is considering you, they’re likely Googling you as well. If you have unprofessional or inappropriate content on your social profiles, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Double check your privacy settings and make sure any publicly viewable content is work appropriate. Also, while you’re at it, ensure your LinkedIn is accurate and up to date, too.

You’re Overqualified or Lack Qualifications

You may think you’re a great fit, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily are. If your experience, skills, and/or education don’t match the listing, you might be out of luck.

If you’re overqualified, you should take time to explain why you’re so interested in the job. Your cover letter is a good place to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Otherwise, try to match your qualifications to the requirements of the job. Your application materials should show the hiring manager why you’d be a good fit and what you bring to the table.