Hate Your Job? What to Do When It’s Time to Move On

Hate Your Job? What to Do When It’s Time to Move On

I’ve heard it from plenty of people over the years: “I hate this job,” or, “I dread going to work,” or even, “I can’t stand my boss.”

If you find yourself uttering these phrases pretty often, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do before you get to a breaking point. Going to work every day when you hate your job, the company, or who you work for or with can be a huge challenge. It can leave you upset, unhappy, and super stressed.

You don’t have to stay in a place that isn’t a good fit or is taking a toll on your mental health. So what should you do when you hate your job?

Keep it Off Social Media

It can be pretty difficult, but keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. One of the worst things that you can do is to blast it on social media to anyone who can access your posts. Posts on some sites, like Twitter, show up in Google searches, so it is inevitable that the wrong person will come across your gripes.

On other social media sites, like Facebook, allow you to set privacy settings, but these can set a false sense of security. Even if you’re careful about your privacy settings, there’s always a chance that someone on your friend’s list will come across those complaints and share them with co-workers, supervisors, or anyone else at the company.

They could also make their way to potential future employers, and that’s not what you want them to know of you before your interview.

Don’t Walk Out

You’re probably at the end of your rope, and heading to a job you hate every single week is probably dragging you down, but quitting abruptly isn’t a good option for most anyone. It will leave you in a bind as you scramble to find your next job, plus, it looks really bad to future employers. Even in a job you absolutely hate, it’s always easier to find a job while you have a job.

Prepare For the Job Search

Before you start your job search, you need to make sure that you’re ready first. Take the time to update your resume, and get some references lined up. Create or update your LinkedIn profile, and start building your network by connecting with everyone you know. You’ll want to be prepared when you come across a job opening that might be a perfect fit.

Start Looking For Your Next Job

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to start looking! But try to search discreetly. For the same reasons that you’re not broadcasting how much you hate your job, you don’t want to overly broadcast about your job search, either. The last thing you need is for your boss to find out that you’re planning to leave until you’re ready to share that news.

Resign Gracefully

Once you find your next job, it can seem wildly satisfying to drop your old job like a bad habit. Try to restrain yourself and resign with class, giving a full two weeks notice. Not only will that scorched earth approach possibly come back and bite you later, but you’re just better off focusing your time and energy to positively moving on to your new job.