Everything You Need to Know About Working for Amazon Flex

Everything You Need to Know About Working for Amazon Flex

If you’re itching to be your own boss, delivering for Amazon Prime Now might be a great opportunity for you. Working for Amazon Flex, you can earn money without sacrificing having a life – up to $25 an hour. Plus, unlike working for a ride sharing service, you don’t have to worry with passengers either.

However, it should be noted that there are drawbacks, too.

How Amazon Flex Works

First up, you’ll need to live in a major metro area where Amazon Prime Now is available. If you do, then you can sign up to become a Delivery Associate. As a DA, you’ll pick up packages, often from an Amazon Warehouse, and take them to their final destination.


To become an Amazon Flex Delivery Associate, there are a few requirements. For starters, you must be 21 years of age or older and have a dependable motor vehicle. You’ll also need a smartphone since the Amazon Flex app is required for setting up deliveries. Additionally, there is a background check and you’ll need to also have a clean driving record.

If you meet all the above requirements, congratulations, you can likely work for Amazon Flex.

Working Around Your Schedule
There are no set hours, but rather drivers are scheduled in shifts or blocks. This is why Amazon Flex is so, well, flexible. You can plan your schedule a week in advance or try to reserve individual blocks day you want to work. Blocks are available from 8 AM until midnight.

When you have a delivery to make, however, you’ve got just one hour to pick it up and deliver it.

How Much Does It Pay?

The pay rate varies between $18 to $25 an hour, but you only get paid when assignments are available. There’s no guarantee there will be work available during the block you’ve scheduled, so the paid hours can be unreliable.

Unfortunately, there are a number of reports that suggest Amazon Flex isn’t a good way to earn a living. It can be great for picking up some extra dough in your free time though.