Emerging Jobs for the New Year

Emerging Jobs for the New Year

LinkedIn just revealed their annual U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, and according to them, these are the top 15 fastest-growing jobs for 2020.

Five of the top jobs emerging are engineering jobs in varying specialties, and robotics made the list for the first time. Artificial intelligence and data science roles are continuing to expand across almost every industry as well.

Only one of the jobs on the list doesn’t require at least a four-year degree, and this particular job has seen a 32% growth-rate since 2015. Can you guess what it is?

Top 15 Emerging Jobs for 2020

Artificial intelligence specialists hit the very top of the list, with a whopping 74% annual growth rate. Landing a job in this particular field requires knowledge and training in machine learning, TensorFlow, Python, natural language processing, and deep learning. The San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles are the leading cities looking for AI specialists.

Engineering jobs making their way to the top include Robotics Engineers, with a 40% annual growth-rate, followed by Full Stack Engineers (35% growth), Site Reliability Engineers (34% growth), Data Engineers (33% growth), and Cloud Engineers (27% growth). These roles are expanding in nearly every industry including manufacturing, financial, information technology, automotive, and more.

Data Scientists should have success finding work in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Boston, with a 37% annual growth rate. Customer Success Specialists and Sales Development Representatives with experience in lead generation, Salesforce, Software as a Service, customer relationship management, and retention are growing at a rate of 34%.

Behavioral Health Technicians also made the top of the list, with specialties in Autism spectrum disorders, mental health, behavioral health, and applied behavior analysis. Jobs in this field generally do not require a 4-year degree, making it a viable option for those looking to get certified in unique specialties.

Other high-tech jobs include Cybersecurity Specialists, Back End Developers, and Java Developers. Product Owners and Chief Revenue Officers made the list with companies looking for people that can build strategic partnerships, go-t0-market strategies, and who can bring management skills to their roles. Product Owners for the financial services industry, computer software, IT, healthcare, and insurance are also booming, with a 24% growth rate.