Easy Productivity Tips

Easy Productivity Tips

For various reasons, most of us struggle with productivity at one time or another. While a lot of productivity tips, like creating lists or physical activity, take even more time out of your day, we thought we’d compile a list of productivity boosters that won’t require much effort at all.

Pink Noise

It’s not just for sleeping. Pink noise, which is similar to white noise but steadier and less random, may also be able to help you focus. Try donning your headphones and turning on some pink noise to increase your focus and attention. The soothing, consistent, balanced sound may just help!

Eat Healthy

Consider what you are taking for lunch. If you are consuming a lot of empty calories or sugary foods during the day, you may find yourself crashing and losing productivity. Eating healthy is better for you, and not just for your body. When it’s snack time, consider an apple or a banana rather than a pack of chips or a sugary treat.

Create Work Blocks

Make yourself unavailable for portions of each day on your work calendar to prevent meetings from being scheduled by coworkers. Think of the time of day that you generally feel most productive and block off 90 minutes to spend focusing on your work.

Block Distracting Websites

If you find yourself opening up a web browser and reading certain websites to avoid being productive, then consider blacklisting them. There are apps that can help you do this, or you may want to employ the help of a trusted IT colleague.

Stand Up

Stand up on a regular basis and get your circulation going again. If you are truly more comfortable standing than sitting, or if too much sitting is affecting your health, consider getting a standing desk. Even standing for a minute and doing a little stretching can boost your mood and energy level.