December Is the Best Month to Strengthen Your Network

December Is the Best Month to Strengthen Your Network

Job hunting in December is tough. However, the holidays are the best time to strengthen your network and prepare for the openings that will abound in January.

Many hiring managers wait for the new year to bring on new employees, but it doesn’t mean they’re not watching for new talent beforehand. Don’t take the month off from your job search–use this month to bolster your network instead.

Holiday Networking

The holiday season revitalizes people’s sense of community and their sense of gratitude. Not only that, but business leaders and recruiters normally have smaller workloads during the month of December, which can give them more time to schedule introductory meetings or chat on the phone.

If you think you’ll be searching for a job in 2020, reconnect with people you’ve worked with in the past or colleagues from other companies. These people can offer invaluable information regarding potential openings, and can also serve as excellent references during your future job searches.

Your goal this month shouldn’t be finding a job, but simply strengthening your connections for your future. Save any specific requests, such as whether they know of any openings or asking them to be a reference, for after the holidays.

During your meetings, make sure to ask thoughtful questions. Ask them about their holiday plans and listen to all that they have to say. After the holidays, remember what they’ve said. It’s a great way to follow up with them and dive in for more information or make more specific requests.

December Job Openings

If you do find openings in December, know that the job is open due to necessity. This can make it a very fruitful month to take advantage of job searching with a lot less competition. Not only do employers generally wait to hire during the holidays, casual job searchers also hold off until the new year.

Be prepared for less activity than in prior months, but if you are up to the challenge, you can still make the most of it. If you get lucky enough to land a job someone needs to fill in December, you’ll have the added bonus of getting a little flexibility. Employers that need to find someone quickly may be willing to budge on scheduling or even salaries, making it a little easier to get hired than now in January.