Why Do Employees Quit? Behaviors Managers Should Avoid

Employees quit for a variety of reasons. Some people feel underappreciated, while others feel overworked. While some employees might be overwhelmed with personal issues, many reasons that workers quit can be chalked up to one thing: leadership. Let’s take a look at reasons employees quit, and how managers can avoid common mistakes that lead to higher turnover. Why Employees Quit

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Secret to Staying Productive as Summer Ends

We’re getting into prime vacation time. Summer’s end is rapidly approaching, and it’s getting harder and harder to put off going on vacation, taking ‘just one’ extra day off, or staring out the window daydreaming about the beach. Did you know that productivity regularly goes way down during the summer months? It’s true. With long holidays and people taking ‘bonus’

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5 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

As we grow in our careers, at some point, many of us are moved into leadership positions. We may know our trade inside and out. But leadership just isn’t about having expert knowledge in your field. Leadership is a skill. It’s one that can be learned. School doesn’t always teach us how to become a better leader though. Sometimes we

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