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Nicotine Use Could Keep You From Getting Hired

U-Haul recently announced that it will not be hiring nicotine users (via vaping, cigarettes, or any other form) in every state that it is legal to do so. This nicotine-free hiring policy is legal in many states, and U-Haul isn’t the only large company taking advantage of it. American Airlines has been practicing a nicotine-free hiring policy since 1985. Is

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Nonncompete vs. Nondisclosure Agreements and Should You Sign?

Noncompete and nondisclosure agreements are becoming more commonplace in today’s job market. As industries become more technology-oriented, employers are seeking to protect both their technical and intellectual properties. Part of finding a job could come down to whether or not you are willing to sign one of these agreements. What’s the Difference A standard non-compete agreement prevents you from directly

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Gifting Etiquette for the Office

The holiday season spreads joy and a sense of giving to just about everywhere – including the office. While gifting is (usually) fine, there are some rules of etiquette for gifts in the workplace. Don’t Make It Mandatory Often times, office gifting creates stress for people and causes more problems than it’s worth. Each person in the office has different

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Emerging Jobs for the New Year

LinkedIn just revealed their annual U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, and according to them, these are the top 15 fastest-growing jobs for 2020. Five of the top jobs emerging are engineering jobs in varying specialties, and robotics made the list for the first time. Artificial intelligence and data science roles are continuing to expand across almost every industry as well. Only

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