Career Advice

How To Start Off a New Job Right

You did it! You aced the interview, accepted an offer and will start your new job shortly! But making a great impression during the interview is only the first step to a successful career. Here are some tips on how to start your new job strong. Morning Routine Your morning routine is probably up for a big change. Even if

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How to Approach Getting Back to Work After a Break in Your Career

It can happen to anyone, whether intentional or not, sometimes taking an extended break from work is inevitable. Maybe you’ve been recovering from illness or an injury, or perhaps you simply needed an extended vacation. Temporary unemployment in a competitive job market can also trigger a longer-than-expected break. Getting back to work, however, isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

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Nicotine Use Could Keep You From Getting Hired

U-Haul recently announced that it will not be hiring nicotine users (via vaping, cigarettes, or any other form) in every state that it is legal to do so. This nicotine-free hiring policy is legal in many states, and U-Haul isn’t the only large company taking advantage of it. American Airlines has been practicing a nicotine-free hiring policy since 1985. Is

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