Boost Your Income Power by Working Freelance in 2020

Boost Your Income Power by Working Freelance in 2020

If you aren’t feeling financially secure in your current job or if you simply want to take control of your own earnings, using freelance work as a part-time or full-time source of income can make you more money. Freelance workers represent more than a third of the workforce in the United States and nearly 60 million Americans freelanced in 2019.

Freelance Specialties That Earn 100k+ Per Year

The top-paying freelance jobs that can earn you over $100k per year include contract law and corporate law jobs. Working as an intellectual property attorney or corporate legal counsel on a freelance basis can earn you an annual income of around $170k, while contract drafters, litigators, and general counsel attorneys can earn around $150k.

There’s room at the top of the payscale for more than just legal fields as well. Make more than $100k per year as a financial planner, business consultant, ERP/CRM software architect, consultant, developer, or network and system administrator. Marketing and other job fields are also booming in 2020, with high-paying freelance jobs.

The need for professionals specializing in data visualization, database administration, machine learning, and quantitative analysis are all at an all-time high with the expansion of artificial intelligence. Freelance jobs in these fields will earn you around $50 an hour.

Make around $100k per year with marketing specialties including presentation writing and design, graphic design, internet marketing, marketing development and strategy, marketing automation, and search engine marketing.

Development positions, including desktop software development, e-commerce solutions and integration experts, and mobile development freelancers also boast a six-figure income.

No Degree? No Problem

Aside from skilled jobs that generally require some sort of formal education and training, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to earn extra income or be your own boss working as a freelancer. It’s never been easier to use your car as a source of income using it to make deliveries or get people where they need to go with rideshare freelance jobs.

You can even build a career helping people that are looking for traditional jobs, which can earn you up to $90k per year writing cover letters and resumes. Technological advances are making it easier than ever before to become your boss and earn extra money working the hours you want, when you want, and how much you want.

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