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How to Get Out of a Creative Rut at Work

Most of us who need to be creative at work face some sort of rut at one time or another. Sometimes pressure and stress locks your brain up. Sometimes you just feel plain burnt out. Sometimes you can’t quite find the right inspiration. No matter the reason for a roadblock, we have some tips on getting that mojo back. Acknowledge

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Easy Productivity Tips

For various reasons, most of us struggle with productivity at one time or another. While a lot of productivity tips, like creating lists or physical activity, take even more time out of your day, we thought we’d compile a list of productivity boosters that won’t require much effort at all. Pink Noise It’s not just for sleeping. Pink noise, which

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The Best Types of Jobs for Seniors: 5 Ways to Keep Working

Finding good jobs for seniors sounds tougher than it has to be. With the retirement age on an incline, and many people requiring supplemental income, there’s a growing workforce of folks over 50. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re less qualified, less talented, or any less enthusiastic though. Though perhaps you shouldn’t be doing too much heavy lifting. Whether

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