Asking for a Raise Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Asking for a Raise Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

We’ve all been there before: you need a raise. Your bills are going up, you’re working hard, and you really need some more money coming in. You consider asking your boss point-blank for a raise, but then you stop. This is going to be tough.

But, it doesn’t have to be. There are some surefire ways you can make sure you’re ready when you ask for a raise. Here are our tips for making asking for a raise a breeze.

Come with Receipts

When you walk into your boss’s office asking for a raise, come with a receipt. That is to say, bring evidence of how valuable you are to the company into the meeting with you.

Have you received numerous good reviews for your hard work? Bring that along with you. Have you been covering more than just your own responsibilities? Let your manager know!

When you’re really working hard and putting in hours for the company, a good manager will recognize that. Don’t make this meeting antagonistic. Just let your boss know that you feel like you’re contributing enough to deserve a raise. This is why coming with the documentation is so important!

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Coworkers About Salaries

There’s some old wisdom out there that holds that it’s rude to talk about your salary. However, this is far from the truth. Some employers want employees to feel uncomfortable discussing salary because they don’t want people to have bargaining power.

But, if you don’t know what other people performing tasks like yours make, how will you know how much to ask for in a raise?

Don’t be afraid to ask others in your position how much they make. If you go into pay negotiations armed with knowledge, you’ll have more chips to play. Being able to cite the salaries of others who perform tasks like yours makes you that much more likely to get that raise you’re looking for.

Doing your research and knowing how valuable your position is can be critical.

Be Positive

Your employer is likely to react well to positivity. Make it clear how much you enjoy your work. You’re a loyal company person, after all! Make sure they know the reasons you think your deserve a raise, based on your performance. Don’t make the conversation about how you need a raise, based on your finances.

Remember: it’s okay to ask for a raise! Just stay positive and be prepared to answer any questions your manager may have. Now get out there and get that bread!